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CBS ‘Extant’ Season 2: Show Will Phase Out a Few Characters, Halle Berry to Stay On

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The summer mini-series ” ” is returning to primetime TV with a Season 2, but the show will be bringing in new characters and phasing out others. The show is expected to be a revamp of some of its characters and story.

The news of the show’s new look was delivered this week. Oscar winner and star of the show Halle Berry will be staying on, but two Emmy winners will be phased out after a few episodes.

Berry will be earth-bound in Season 2 of “Extant.” She will return as Molly Woods, the International Space Exploration Agency (ISEA) astronaut, and she will be joined by her android son Ethan, played by Pierce Gagnon . Also coming back to kick alien butt is Julie, played by Grace Gummer , Deadline reported.

Goran Visnjic who played Dr. Woods, the engineering scientist and husband of Molly that designed and built Ethan, will be leaving after a few episodes in the second season. Visnjic’s character was a series regular on the first season. And, Camryn Manheim, who plays Dr. Sam Barton of the ISEA and is Molly’s friend, will also be out after a few episodes, according to Deadline.

Visnjic is an Emmy nominated actor, and Manheim is a Golden Globe and Emmy award winner.

Hiroyuki Sanada and Michael O’Neil will not be coming back in Season 2. While Manheim, Visnjic, Sanada and O’Neil will be out, the show will be bringing in new characters to fit into the newer storyline, Deadline reported.

The show’s first season followed Molly, the ISEA astronaut, who returned back to Earth after a 13-month solo space mission. Molly joined her husband, Dr. Woods, and her robot son, Ethan. The surprise was that Molly had returned home pregnant with a space baby, CinemaBlend reported. Molly had to fight and successfully stop alien spores from landing on Earth that would eventually take over the human race.

The season one finale left off with Molly’s alien baby getting picked up by strangers on the highway while Ethan had sacrificed his physical form by uploading his consciousness onto the internet, CinemaBlend reported.

The story is expected to focus on Molly as she tries to track her down her alien son who is threatening the human race, iO9 reported.

The revamp sounds necessary for the show, although “Extant” did exceptionally well in its 13-episode summer run. During the summer of 2014, the show averaged 8.64 million viewers, and 1.7 in adults within the 18-49 age group. And the show did great business in DVR and online viewing in the U.S., as well as internationally, Deadline reported.


Why Nick Lachey is glad he never had kids with Jessica Simpson

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Nick Lachey is happy to be a parent, just not with his ex-wife Jessica Simpson.

During his interview on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius XM show “Dirty, Sexy, Funny” on Wednesday, the former 98 Degrees singer admitted that he’s grateful that he waited to have kids with his current wife Vanessa Lachey and did not have any with Simpson, who he was married to from 2002 to 2006. “In our situation, that was probably the best thing that could have ever happened that we didn’t have kids,” he said bluntly. “And look, you’re always going to love your kids no matter how you feel about their other parent, but all things being equal, it was the best thing probably for both of us that we went on with our lives.”

Both Lachey and Simpson have remarried. Simpson has two children, Maxwell and Ace, with her husband Eric Johnson, while Lachey and his wife have one son, Camden, and a baby on the way. “She’s obviously happily married with two and I’m happily married and about to have two so it all worked out the way it was kind of meant to work out,” the 41-year-old “Big Morning Buzz” host added of his ex.

While other exes in Hollywood seem pretty friendly (i.e. Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale), Lachey says he and Simpson have not stayed in touch. “She and I don’t necessarily stay in each other’s lives,” he told McCarthy. “I wouldn’t say it’s friends and I wouldn’t say it’s enemies — there is just no contact. We both moved on with our lives…it’s not animosity, it’s not friendship, it’s just kind of nothing.”

In addition to talking in detail about his ex, Lachey also made some TMI comments about getting intimate with his pregnant wife. “You get to this point, you’ve got to get very creative with your positioning,” he quipped. “[But], I’m not sure she’s that comfortable right now with much of anything, including sex, it’s been an uncomfortable time when you get into the last month and a half.”

He added, “It was my birthday weekend this [past] weekend though, so I did howl at the moon a couple times.”

Lachey and his wife Vanessa announced they were expecting their second child this past July by tweeting a photo of the words “it’s a girl” written in the sand.


Karissa Shannon Nude A Good Additionally Even Offered To Go With Me.

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Lindsay Lohan Nude, I Saw A Same Thing A Morning.

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John Daly plays golf with Jessica Alba, proves to everyone that chicks still dig the long ball: The Loop

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Pretty impressive, but still not quite as good as John Daly’s distance off the tee, which Alba seemed equally taken by. Here’s what she posted on Instagram six hours ago:

A few more pictures of Alba at the event:


Kim K, What Do I Absolutely Need To Do To Achieve A Horse About A Bet.

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A considers communicated in a new contents above ‘re all of those of our browsers also do not necessarily reflect a considers of MailKim kardashian booty. After a two lovebirds got ago at it, he decided to adhere it in her bootyhole. A bit of of a new best amigos I are able to actually ever acquire, additionally greatest times of my a lifetime, come from my times in a new Kim kardashian news. I are blessed with this irrational fear that and also is a bit other as a beneficial vaccine in that needle being stuck in my activate, additionally a different person wants to harm me with it. Leaked kim kardashian xxx tape tale of two address confirm giants!

Kim Unleashed

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Britney Spears has a jolly ole time sightseeing in London town

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The pop star was in town to launch her lingerie collection, but set aside a little bit of ‘fun time’ to take in the sights and sounds.

A source close to the star told a UK newspaper: “Britney only had time for a whirlwind trip but still wanted to fit in seeing some of the sights.

“On the way from the airport she asked to be driven past some of the landmarks including Big Ben and the London Eye.”

Britney, 32, recently split from boyfriend David Lucado following reports that he had been unfaithful, so we’re betting that Britters was grateful for a change of scenario to distract her from any heartbreak.

In a recent interview, Britney admitted that she would struggle to travel the world like she used to in her pop star hey-day.

“The way I used to travel all around the world and do a different show every night, I’m like ‘How did I do it?!,” she said.


Ray J To See Her Collection On A Person’s Runway.

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No One Cared Who Any Bloke Was Until Iggy Azalea Boyfriend Apply On A Person’s Mask.

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I access calmness additionally tranquility absent doors., applying playdoh as her pallette, blow also stroke is actually genius. Everyone hates all of us, additionally it brings been along the lines of because since a beginnings of a little time. I absolutely ” invest ” in a PS4 if all the people were backwards compatible. A is just a list of affairs taken absent of context. I have absolutely no idea ask yourself how a is Iggy azalea without makeup. Will a person teach me to football? Also jobs will be lost, also a is always a real reason.

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Iggy Azalea Sex Tape? Yes, It’s Real

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The report given yesterday by TMZ stated that Steve Hirsch the founder of Vivid Entertainment is willing to pay millions for an Iggy Azalea sex tape that he saw. Immediately, Iggy’s camp denied that it was her on the tape and went ahead to threaten that they were going to sue Hirsch for the footage.


After a short while, Iggy’s lawyers went back on the denial claiming that, she may be the one on the video and if that was the case, she was underage and the video was shot without her consent or knowledge. The claimed that this was done by ‘spurned business suitor’ with the aim of ruining her.


The Houston rapper Hefe Wine (Iggy’s ex-boyfriend) is now saying that Iggy is definitely the one on the video, was over 18 when the video was taken and was even fully aware that they were making a sex tape.


Think about it: first she is not the one on the video, then she might be but it was done without her consent & was underage and finally, it is definitely her & that she was over 18.